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1280x1280 article

Is Curtis Mayfield’s ‘Curtis/Live!’ the Greatest Live Album ever?

..Here, in a tiny venue, we can hear every response to every lyric and every funky lick, from a tiny crowd who are clearly entranced by the performance...

Thump feat article

The Seven Ages of DJing

From awkward adolescence through to early retirement, here's how every DJ's time on earth pans out.

Vmag logo share article

Has Digital Technology Changed the DJ Skillset?

...A DJ simultaneously frowns in concentration and grins with joy, her arms crossed in front of her, her left hand tweaking the EQ, her right slamming the crossfader on the mixer back and forth perfectly in time to the beat...

A5a791 14fbf3f6077241a8ae503e35ed2bd775 mv2 article

Gear Tribute: The Maestro Rhythm King MRK–2, Sly Stone's Unfunky Drummer

...when the MRK–2 was introduced to popular music as an instrument in its own right, it subtly changed the way that the music world thought about drums and percussion...

Idj logo article

Starting out, part 3

Five things that will definitely happen when you play in public for the first time

Wunderground banner article

Quantity Of Vinyl Sales Outnumber Articles About Vinyl’s Resurgence For The First Time

"...The research also demonstrated that there is a clear link between people buying vinyl and then realising they would need to also buy a record player..."

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A Decade of Donuts - J Dilla's Acclaimed Album 10 Years On | VMag

A love letter to J Dilla's 'Donut's album

Tumblr mlepqnd8zk1so5i3io1 1280 article

The Story of Brighton's Only Secret Unlicensed After Hours Nightclub

"What drives a man, now in his early middle age, to allow the barbarian hordes of South-East England back to his flat, every weekend, for all these years?"

Bmc logo 2 article

Harold Heath (@HaroldHeathDJ) | Twitter

Our man in the booth, Harold Heath, reports back from Britain's leading dance music conference.

Starting out part 2 1160 m.jpg 2 article

Starting out, part 2

"...Who else will lend you a headphone adapter at 4am, or listen to you bitch about how your plan to only play Mood II Swing dubs all night failed because the audience "weren't clued up enough"

Stevie wonder 70s hits article

Wonderland Avenue - 10 of Stevie's finest, outside of his classic album period

"...This period saw Stevie hungrily embracing the newly available synthesiser technology, indulging in an ongoing race with Herbie Hancock to get the latest synth with the very first model number. .."

Wunderground banner article

Tech House Producer Gets Starbucks Employee Of The Week Award

"...The canny entrepreneur and music industry player plans to capitalise on his new notoriety within his Starbucks branch by continually talking to his work colleagues as though he were actually a successful music producer, rather than a full-time assistant shift supervisor..."

Starting out 1096 m.jpg article

Starting Out - Part 1: The psychology of your first DJ gig

"...they walk away convinced that it was the fact that they used the flanger on every other mix that really nailed it, while the truth is that the party was a success despite their best efforts to cause death-by-flanger..."

Wunderground banner article

BRIT Awards Praised For Protecting Country From Black Man Swearing - Wundergroundmusic.com

"UK music awards the BRITs have been praised for censoring UK Grime star, Mercury Music Prize winner, million selling artist, and role model for a generation, Skepta."

Thump feat article

Confessions of a Miserable College Bar DJ | Thump

"From the confines of my greasy wooden booth I pumped out a toxic blend of 50 Cent, J-Lo, and Bryan Adams, and gave the biggest shout-outs I could muster through my Tandy microphone..."